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KenEp Resource’s strength in industrial Effluent treatment as specialists combine their expertise in design and operation of biological and physical or chemical processes to meet our client’s needs for effective, efficient treatment facilities.

We bring to the field the most experienced technical sales and support team in the industrial Effluent treatment marketplace. Our expertise includes:

• Heavy Metal Waste
• Cyanide Waste
• Aerospace Waste
• Automotive Waste
• Oil Refinery Waste
• Domestic Waste
• Industrial Waste
• Food Waste


• Plating Waste
• Pulp and Paper Waste
• Chemical Waste
• Microelectronic Waste

As one of the leading wastewater treatment companies, we are at the forefront in the application of treatment technologies, including:

• Preliminary treatment
• Primary and secondary treatment
• Tertiary treatment/disinfection
• Treatment technology
• Biological nutrient removal (BNR)
• Advanced biosolids treatment
• Resource recovery

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